Activities near Carcassonne



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Activities at La belle Minervoise

There is quite a few activities around Carcassonne, but home is no place to stay idle. Here is a list of what you can do on site :

Natural environment


La Belle Minervoise and its small garden are located in Saint-Fichoux, peaceful village of Aude. All around the Minervois countryside and vineyards. The Canal du Midi is not far …

Our SPA is available


Relax in our spa after a day of walking or visiting.

Pastry workshop


Would you like to learn how to make a Saint Honoré for example ? Jean Claude, pastry chef for 35 years, organizes training at home.

The Way of Saint James

Chemin de saint-jacques

The path of the Pyrenean Piedmont is so close (Rieux-Minervois) that can be reached on foot. The pilgrims are welcome home. we can advise our guests who want to walk a piece of the way.

Playing area

Aires de jeux

A tennis, Mini-Soccer and basketball court are available. please, don’t forget to make a reservation. Next to this court you will find a playground for young kids.

Bicycle lending


You will be able to borrow our bycycles to discover the surrounding countyside. Note that we have bikes for men and women.